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The Story

Each one of us has been dealing with similar professional challenges, but we all have a different background and experiences. For a long time, we supported each other in our respective activities until we eventually decide to get together and bring our expertise and our help to new projects.



Graphic Designer & Photographer

I studied Applied Arts and specialized in Graphic Design. This training helped me to understand the creative process in its whole: studying a subject, the competition and the market.
Very quickly, I was disappointed by the corporate state of mind. I wanted more independance so I created my leather jewelry brand and founded my first company in 2009.  With very little start-up capital, I had to do everything myself : my website, my graphic media and my marketing strategy.
The brand Satine increased its visibility and allows me to be independent so I slowly devoted myself to graphic design again by selecting carefully the projects I wanted to be part of.
Sparkling! I felt in love with graphic design and I realized that my jewelry brand was more like a springboard for me, a way to explore visual communication in all its forms.
I left behind my jewelry designer life and founded Iconink with Amélie to dedicate myself a hundred percent to graphic design.


Account Manager & Web Developer

After my International Business Master’s degree, I led two parallel lives : globetrotter and workaholic.
I cannot conceive visiting a country without living there for several months.
These last years I’ve been living in Australia, Argentina, Indonesia. Thus, I created my travel blog and I'm completely fascinated by it.
Professionally, I worked in different sales services : from SME to big companies like L’Oréal. I evolved in very different business areas such as design, tourism, cosmetics, packaging, corporate events, etc…
With all these experiences I realized how important it is to have a high quality brand image and a smart communication strategy.
I created Iconink with Marie in order to answer to the current business challenges about visibility. I wanted to share my knowledge and facilitate the developing of many captivating projects.


To help you work on your image

Today, your online presence is very important, no matter what size or structure your company is. So you’d better turn it to your advantage and make a good impression !

57% of companies don’t know how to optimize the content of their homepage website. A lot of them are neither responsive ( i.e not adapted to smartphones and tablets), nor intuitive. Without talking about graphic presentations that are not appropriate. A lot of companies are often running out of time and they settle for standard business cards and logo that are blent in with the crouwd.

Because we are managers of companies and entrepreneurs, we have already passed through this way! We know all the ins and outs and we are at your disposal to assist you in every way that we can. We learnt how to deal with that challenges by ourselves and thanks to this experience, we can save your precious time. 

Curious and motivated, we love throwing ourselves into projects and bringing your ideas to life. Our goal is to find solutions that reflect your activity, your ambition and your personality.

Let’s work together and take your business off!