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Ma Maison sur le Dos –Travel Blog

Amélie, the creator of Ma Maison sur le Dos, launched her blog after many exciting long-term backpacking trips. Australia, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, …

She was extremely passionate about blogging, she put her heart and soul into this work, and can you imagine her disappointment when she did not succeed in achieving the result she had hoped for; it was not what she wanted. Her texts were very interesting, but her photos, with a big potential, were not strong enough. Although her blog was clear and organized, it lacked personality.

So we worked together, step by step, to overhaul her website.


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The idea was to create the most welcoming and attractive blog possible. The first thing we see on the homepage is a video where the blogger invites us to follow her from the rainforest to the rice fields.
An invitation to travel from the start !

The whole homepage is harmonious and you can read it easily
thanks to the different sections well separated.

page d'accueil du blogpage d'accueil du blogpage d'accueil du blog
article du blo de voyage


The posts emphasize on the travel pictures. We paid a lot of attention to the sidebar. The visual elements in here are perfectly incorporated to the set of pages and don’t bother the reading of the posts.


We also created the logo and the business cards of the photographer.

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