Overhaul of Svend Website / Photographer

Iconink - Web Design du site du photographe Svend Andersen


Svend Andersen – Photographer

Svend Andersen is a passionate photographer from Paris. He advanced in his Art and Performance career, so naturally that’s how he started to shot this world with his camera. In this practice, he enjoys staying in the background to let the humorists, singers or actors personality express itself. Then he catches their essence.

Afterwards he gets interested by Architecture photography. That captivates him and he likes to play with the lines and the structure of modern places or sites stamped by History.

He wanted to have a website that matches to his image, simple, plain and showing only the essentials: his pictures. No embellishments, less is more!


inspirations - conception site web


Svend wanted a refined and modern design for his website. Thus we put 2 visual elements on his homepage: a slider that emphasizes on his 3 main photography lines and a colourful picture gallery.

Once the plain design was set up, we paid attention to make his website the most intuitive possible in order to improve the customer experience. We developed an innovative slider with an horizontal scroll.



An innovative slider where pictures are scrolled from the left to the right side. It’s easier to navigate on the website because we see the full pictures. Plus, this creative navigation is a way to be distinguished from other websites.

Conception Web du site du photographe - IconinkConception Web du site du photographe - IconinkConception Web du site du photographe - Iconinkiconink - montage vidéo - conception web


We also created the logo and the business cards of the photographer.

 « With Iconink, I met a team that is more that some graphic designer people. They gave me a personalized and really interesting approach to my work. They understand it properly and managed to highlight it with elegance.Every proposition had sense and help me to show my work to my audience in the right way.

Their listening and availability were awesome. I follow their instructions with delightment. Thank you Iconink! »