Photo Editing & Photomontage

shooting photo et photomontage


Lights, framing, photomontage, …

No matter how good your camera is, your photos will be more or less altered and they will lose their impact
once on your screen
. Less contrasts, colors, a little bit lifeless set…

For a landscape, the prospect can be rickety or an impromptu detail can distract the attention. For a portrait, an ungraceful shadow, skin imperfections, a lock of hair on the forehead will make the model less attractive.

For us, the retouching must be the most natural possible. We are therefore held to restore colors and contrasts the camera changed, to soften unsightly shadows, to change the framing if necessary and to clean the details that bother the reading of the main subject in the image. Sometimes we make a photomontage by merging two images from the same shooting.

All these take a good deal of time, especially with fashion pictures but it is absolutely necessary to make your visuals attractive and to make the visit on your website the most enjoyable possible.

photomontage Iconink - Avant / Après
  • Skin, hair, armpits, lights retouching and addition of a snake shadow to match the theme of the collection.
photomontage Iconink - Avant / Après
  • Light, skin, shadows, jewelry details, hands, lips retouching.
  • Light retouching and photomontage with the hands of the same model in another position.
  • Lights, background, skin, nose, eyebrows retouching and photomontage of the eyes of the same model from a different photo.
  • Skin (elbows), jeans pleats, leg, bulging buttocks retouching.
  • Light retouching, skirt,legs, sky, doors, ...
  • Light retouching, skin, dress, ...
retouche photo Iconink - Avant / Après
  • Light retouching, perspective, contrasts.

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