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Satine Creation – Jewelry

Satine is Marie’s jewelry brand. She works with leather, her favorite material. Torturing it, cutting it up, sublimating it, that’s exactly what she is passionate about. Every jewelry collection reflects a specific theme. She works on it on a notebook where she keeps all her sketches but also materials or pictures she collects along the way.

To promote her work and her different collections, she decided to display her job online. She created the visual identity of her website to bring visitors into the brand’s universe.

  • First, she designed the logo and the baseline that will convey her brand image.
  • Then she defined the graphic elements so that the website looks like a notebook filled with sketches, polaroids, comments, and cards, worn out because it has been carried away everywhere.
  • She had to think about the user experience. How easy and pleasant is a visit on her website? What pages did she want to appear first?
  • Plus she worked on her social medias strategy.


inspirations - webdesign


mockup web design

There are two websites in one. The first one is necessary for the support of the brand: the showcase website. It presents the brand, its world and its history. The second one is essential to increase the sales: the E-shop. More functional, the online store must be really intuitive and as complete as possible.


A Look Book brings real added value to the website. When you put life into the creations, when you show how to wear them,
in which circumstances and with what outfit, it helps visitors
to identify themselves to the brand

Look Book - Web Design
Création Newsletter


This page, often boring in so many websites, can be an opportunity to spice up your website design. The subscription to your newsletter is then more enjoyable for your customers.


We also created the logo and
all the Print Media material of the jewelry brand.