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Anil Brancaleoni – Vloger, Photographer & Model

From his previous gamer activity, Anil, aka Wartek, gained a beautiful reputation and managed to build a faithful community. He's only 26 but he already has an audience of 3.5 millions people, all social medias included.
He is a successful youtuber and vloger, and now he is a digital influencer too. He wants to embody brands and offer his video maker and photographer skills.

He contacted us to build his website et define an visual identity that will represent him in order to show his work and get new collaborations.


A modern homepage that
tells us is a glance what Anil is doing.
A graphic design that is intentionally pure in order
to highlight his amazing photos and entice the
user to visit the other pages of the website
and his social medias.

Anil B. - Vlogger
Anil B - Vlogger


The website is intentionally pure and simple
to let enough space to the photos
without disturbing the user attention.

We created an animated Gif on the Contact
Page to represent the Youtube channel
of Anil, which is his most influential social media.


We built a portfolio with a Tumblr style
that enables to see the pictures in
full size. Anil's photos are
amazing, they are self-sufficient!

Anil B. - Vlogger