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refonte de site web & identité visuelle - Buzzeo


Buzzeo – Communication Agency

Creativity, boldness, originality... Buzzeo Agency is a dynamic communication agency ! However its website was looking old and was badly organized. Buzzeo works with huge brands such as Coca-Cola, Bouygues Telecom, Tropicana or Adidas. Behind the agency, there is a team of young creative people who are ready to take up challenges.
Our goal was to communicate the vibrant identity of the people who participate to the success of the agency through the website while maintaining a corporate image and making the navigation easier.


The homepage gives the tone of the website,
its style and it shares Buzzeo values as well.
Our idea was to bring a modern visual identity
to the website by making the navigation easier.
An explosion of colors mastered in  order to
symbolize the energy of this communication agency.

refonte de site web - Buzzeo
Buzzeo - Agence de Communication, Paris


Inner pages are graphic to order
the informations in an attractive way.
We processed the images in a special
way for Buzzeo, i.e black and white
pictures with colored areas to
add meaning to the visuals.
A set of modern animations helps
to build a dynamic website enjoyable to read.


We wanted something more classic here
to optimize the understanding of Buzzeo services.
An interface that is clear and convenient
in order to make the navigation easy.
Each post has details, nice pictures and
an animation that catches the user attention
on the results of the event.

Buzzeo - Agence de Communication, Paris
Buzzeo - Agence de Communication, Paris

4 poles / 4 icons

We created 4 custom animated icons
to represent the 4 poles of the company.
These poles are identifiable by 4 colors as well
that we can find all over the website.
This helps to guide the user who can
easily turn towards the information he's looking for.


It's not easy to get beautiful pictures of commercial events : there's always pedestrians, fuzzy backgrounds, bad lighting, and so on... But we needed powerful images in order to demonstrate Buzzeo actions. We did a huge work on editing the pictures in order to communicate the wahoo effect that the customers feel during the events.
We set a photo shooting to stage the agency on its workplace : in the street, at a café terrace and even in a supermarket.

Every person who is working at Buzzeo is part of the agency dynamism. We wanted to show their energy through the website. We set a photo shooting in their office then. That was fun and effective! We used some of that pictures on the main pages to give rhythm to the content and customize the message.

Shooting Photo pour Buzzeo - Agence de Communication
Retouche Photo pour Buzzeo - Agence de Communication
Shooting Photo pour Buzzeo - Agence de Communication
Shooting Photo pour Buzzeo - Agence de Communication
Retouche Photo pour Buzzeo - Agence de Communication
Shooting Photo pour Buzzeo - Agence de Communication

«Our work with Iconink agency always happened in a smooth atmosphere, with a lot of listening, communication and good mood. Amélie and Marie were really patient facing our uncertainty and were proactive in order to help us to find solutions to our challenges. The final result is a website that matches to our image because they simply get our expectations and managed to translate the agency identity into graphic design.»

Sandrine Hellegouarche, Associate Director