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Nelta – Consultants in Talents Management

Nelta is an innovative consultant firm. Their goal is to offer customized programs to attract and create loyalty so the talents wouldn't leave anymore the big Cac 40 groups or international companies.

Nelta products range get better with time but their website wasn't following the same progression. We therefore get their different services straight and created their customized icons in order to offer a clear and graphic communication identity for the company. Then we designed their commercial brochures and created their new online identity.

Their website was cold and impersonal before we renewed it. We wanted to give it a  stronger graphic identity while maintaining the corporate visual codes. Thus we used a purple color, often used in top-end prêt-à-porter. We put more images too so the reader can be projected. And the icons that show their products range are in the center of this website.


This homepage shows in a few seconds
who is Nelta, why and how they work.
It highlights the 5 poles of action
of the cabinet and make their products
range simpler for an optimized
and user-friendly visit.

Site Web Nelta
Site Web Nelta
Site Web Nelta


The pages are graphic and dynamics
thanks to light animations.
Our goal was to make their products
range clearer and easier to understand.


In order to make the products range reading and comprehension easier, we created 5 variations of the logo to illustrate their 5 poles of actions and 15 icons to show their different services in images. That was a big challenge for our graphic designer as some products were really subtles and hard to illustrate in symbols. We created the commercial brochures as well with 15 products cards in order to update their Print communication and their brand image.

Création d'Iconographie sur-mesure
Création d'Iconographie
Graphisme Print

« Très bon service, très professionnel et très réactif, je recommande !»

Antoine Lefetz