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site web Nabilla Benattia


Nabilla Benattia – Public figure & Digital influencer

Everybody knows Nabilla, at least we think we know her, however she is full of surprises! She is a one of a kind, uncompromising, completely realistic and transparent, animated by a joie de vivre and a contagious enthusiasm!
She came to us with this website project, her first website, we were into it straight away. She briefed us on what she was expected with a very professional approach. She wanted a website that looks like her where her readers would be able to follow all her agenda about fashion, work, personnal life, collaborations, etc. A 'place' where she would feel comfortable and where she would be able to express herself freely and share her professional adventures and her choices.

We thus worked on her brand image by defining a feminine graphic design, a glam rock image with a hint of softness and lightness. Alix de Beer, her photographer gave us the amazing photo shoots of Nabilla that we can see on the website.


A homepage that looks like a
portal towards the other pages.
A glam rock and funky graphic design
with top-quality photographies in
order to set up Nabilla's brand image.

site web Nabilla Benattia
site web Nabilla Benattia

Inner pages

The inner pages are fixed,
unlike the blog posts, which
is perfect to develop the
visual identity.

The Blog

The blog posts are deliberately simple
in order to let room to the
pictures without disturbing users attention.

site web Nabilla Benattia