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Elliot From Paris – Traveling & Branding

Elliot is an energetic and surprising man. He contacted us to build his new website. He wanted it to reflect his traveller life. He already went to a lot of places indeed and he decided lately to share his adventures with pictures. Photography is an exciting and fascinating area. Elliot has a lot of equipment and he always brings with him some brands that want to get an internatinal coverage, so he can perform exotic self-portrait.

Elliot, aka Hypse, is renowned from his previous job in the gaming industry. He has a urban and modern style in his approach and we wanted to reflect this part of his personnality in the design of his website.


We wanted a powerful graphic homepage.
We thus imagined a game with
the fonts and a yellow line that links
all the sections of the page.

Elliot From Paris - webdesign IconinkElliot From Paris - webdesign IconinkElliot From Paris - webdesign Iconink
Elliot From Paris - webdesign


This website is dynamic.
A lot of animations
illustrate Elliot’s work.


Progressive pages like this section,
with an “on my desk” style that will evolve as we go
along with Elliot travels and collaborations.

Elliot From Paris - webdesign

« I didn’t have any idea of what my website could look like but I knew I needed one!
After a few talks and having shared our ideas together with Marie and Amélie, they knew exactly what would be the guiding lines of my website. I was pleasantly surprised by their ideas and efficiency.

Above all, I saw that they were involved and that they understood who I was in order to build a website that looks like me. I think that it’s the way they work on a daily basis, I can feel it. I highly recommend them! »

Elliot Le Corre