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site web U-Bridge


U-Bridge – Coaching & Consulting

U-Bridge provides advices and coaching to companies and private individuals. Guiding people through their professionnal challenges, optimizing their efficiency at work, communicating properly inside a company and so on… U-Bridge is like a bridge between people and corporation.

Yolande, the CEO of U-Bridge, wanted a website easily recognizable thanks to a corporate identity charter. She wanted a website coporate, clear, with a user-friendly  experience.


We designed a homepage animated by a slider
with different messages that scroll by themselves,
some strong impact images and web animations.

page d'accueil U-Bridge
page interne U-Bridge


These pages have all the same layout : pictures created
specifically for the website, short texts and
a simple and spacious design in order to
give the best user experience possible.


U-Bridge wanted an easy recognizable website, a tool that fits to her CEO personality and to the values of the company.

After a complete briefing, we created different pictures to put the company content into pictures. We did a photo shooting and we completed our work by editing some pictures from an image bank. Here below are the pictures we created :

création de photo pour U-Bridgr
création de visuel pour site web
création de visuel pour U-Bridge
création de photo pour site web
shooting photo U-Bridge

« Iconink was a beautiful meeting. It was great to share ideas with Amélie et Marie in order to give life to my website Ubridge. Great advices and a real efficiency in the execution. Our discussion were always joyfull and they were always looking for the best solution. Iconink is professional, friendly and result orientated ! »

Yolande Gouzalch