Website Overhaul / Brand Content Manager



Marine Mirguet – Brand Content Manager

Marine is an ambitious Brand Content Manager freelancer. She plays with words and ideas cleverly. Renowned brands call on her talent and personality for their projects. She is never at a loss for words and that's exactly what customers are expecting from her!

Her website was without any proper identity and badly organized. It wasn't reflecting her bright personality and the quality of her work. Thus, we worked first on Marine's brand image by translating her work into pictures. Marine is working with words, their meaning, their symbolism which is quite an abstract concept... That's why we created visuals with hands playing with words as is they were matter.


We wanted a punchy homepage.
Thus, we invented a fonts game and we used
trendy colors. Marine is right in the center of
her website  thanks to customized pictures.


This website is modern and fresh.
We did some animations to highlight Marine's personality.



Her portfolio posts are clear and
we emphasized on the visuals
that are now coherent and meaningfull.


Marine is a freelancer. It is important for her customers to know who they are about to work with when they visit her website. It helps to build trust and it entices them to make them curious and want to learn more about her.

We did a photo shoot to reflect her sparkling and dynamic personality. The pictures are on her website but on her social medias too.


On portfolio websites like this one, pictures are the most important. It is essential to bring the projects out. Thus we took pictures of her work to make them more attractive.


« The team listened to me and was giving me loads of good tips. They will guide you in your project with relevance and patience. A big thanks to them! »

Marine Mirguet